The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO) is the only chartered professional marketing body in Ontario.  It was created by the Pr 13 enacted by her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario in the 24th of May of 1988. Since then CIMMO has evolved to reflect the rapidly changing needs of the marketing industry.

Historically, the vast breadth of responsibilities within the marketing profession has led to the absence of a common, unified expectation of a marketer’s skills and competencies.  As the marketing profession evolves and expands, there is a growing need for a common standard of professional competence, as well as, a unified approach to training and curriculum development.

Today’s marketing industry is in need of greater unity, including a common language, training standards that include a designation framework and a forum for knowledge sharing.


To advance and enhance the marketing industry by providing knowledge and tools that unify the profession.  Three key pillars support our mission:

1- a Chartered Professional Marketer (CPM) designation

2- collaboration between industry and academia

3- a commitment to research and knowledge sharing


Our values are the foundation for all of CIMMO’s activities:

1- Objectivity

2- Pursuit of professional excellence

3- Collaboration