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A Better World through Marketing

Marketing’s core value proposition is to make people happy about their choices. Marketing is embedded in every aspect of business operations. It is the core organizational philosophy that defines the guidelines and principles for capturing the hearts and minds of customers,  suppliers, employees and for protecting the environment.  We do believe at CIMMO, that marketing is a way of making the world a better place. We stand firmly for ethics and integrity and value honesty as fundamental principles to help humankind in the continuing pursuit of happiness. We are working tirelessly to realize our beliefs and values in a better world through marketing and we welcome you to join us on this amazing journey. It will be a pleasure to have you with us.

Why you should join CIMMO

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario is the only chartered professional marketing body in Ontario.  It was created by the Proclamation Pr 13 enacted by her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario on the 24th of May of 1988. Since then CIMMO has evolved to reflect the rapidly changing needs of the marketing industry.

The vast array of responsibilities within the marketing profession has led to the absence of a common, unified expectation of a marketer’s skills and competencies.  As the marketing profession continues to evolve and expands, there is a growing need for a common standard of professional competence, along with a unified approach to training and curriculum development in Marketing.

The professional marketing industry is in need of greater unity, including a common expression of marketing principles, and training standards that include a designation framework and a forum for knowledge sharing.

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CIMMO is a Proud Community Partner of BlockChain Global Revolution 2019

Join us at eTail Canada 2019! Since 1999, the top retail minds have converged for eTail where they discuss the latest omnichannel retail strategies across all touch points. Over 500 senior-level retail executives from companies like Alibaba, Amazon and Best Buy will meet to benchmark, network, and discuss the future of the industry. If you want to develop a cutting-edge retail tech strategy or benefit from disruptive content and focused peer-to-peer networking, eTail is an event you can’t miss.

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CIMMO is a Proud Media Partner of eTail Canada 2019

Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is the first truly worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain. The inaugural BRG conference will be April 24 & 25, 2019, in Toronto, the city at the core of the revolution.

Co-hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute, a global independent blockchain think-tank, and MCI Group, the world’s largest event management company, Blockchain Revolution Global will educateinspire and prepare leaders to be part of the revolutionary transformation that blockchain technology is bringing to business, government and society.

Join us at Blockchain Revolution Global (#BRG2019), bringing together the world’s leading thinkers, builders and pioneers to accelerate the blockchain revolution.

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Check some of the benefits of joining CIMMO


Join a global community of like-minded professional marketers that are eager to share their best practices and contribute to building a sustainable enterprise and a better world through marketing


Advance your marketing career by developing your soft and technical skills in marketing through CIMMO’s professional development program.


Share your knowledge and build professional bridges through CIMMO’s networking events, seminars, webinars, social media, and conferences.


Deepen your knowledge into one or more areas of the marketing profession, through one of CIMMO’s certification programs in Digital Marketing, MarTech, Marketing Management, and Marketing Analytics.

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