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CIMMO offers a range of opportunities for marketing professionals to keep up with new trends in marketing and technologies. From professional designations to specializations, CIMMO members can build their skills and competencies to solve complex marketing problems. CIMMO’s  Certified Marketer (CEM®) and Chartered Professional Marketer (CPM®)  designations are the only legally valid Chartered Designations in Ontario.


Certified Marketer Designation (CEM®)

The Certified Marketer (CEM®) is recommended for marketing professionals that may be entering the market, acting in different entry-level marketing roles, such as a contributing role in a major marketing department, or a sole marketing practitioner in a small business. Individuals in this level would have responsibilities such as supporting marketing initiatives, executing tasks passed down from management and operating at the tactical and transactional levels. They often have titles such as Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Associate.

The Chartered Professional Marketer (CPM®) Designation

The Chartered Professional Marketer (CPM®) designation, is recognition for marketers who have achieved the highest level in the profession. It also highlights the commitment of marketing professionals to keeping current in their fields and is awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications and indicates the status of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

Registered Marketer Certification (REM®)

The Registered Marketer (REM®) is an entry-level certification, available exclusively from CIMMO. Whether you’re a college graduate from a diploma program, working in a marketing function without a recognized credential, or an internationally-trained marketer wanting to work in Canada, CIMMO’s REM®  certification provides the applied marketing skills necessary to enhance career prospects.

Marketing Specializations

After earning one of CIMMO’s designations, marketers can pursue four different tracks helping to develop competencies and skills highly valued by Industry. You can choose one of the following certificates:

  • Digital Marketing Certification
  • Marketing Analytics Certification
  • Marketing Technologies (MarTech) Certification
  • Marketing Management Certification

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