Ron CaughlinTreasurer

RC is a high energy leader, fact-based decision maker and strategic marketing communications executive with significant experience providing integrated marketing solutions to Tier 1 brands in the CPG, service, retail and B2B sectors. Key strengths include a history of consistently exceeding revenue and profit targets, the capacity to envision “success” and establish strategic initiatives, developing innovative integrated marketing programs, the ability to communicate in practical, common-sense terms at all levels of organizations.
Ron is also a sought-after keynote speaker and speaks frequently to diverse groups like the TTRA, CTC Online Revealed Conference, TNS Digital Conference as well as to top marketing organizations such as Ford Canada, MediaCom, CTC, Canadian Mint, Y&R, Taxi, RIM, Kraft and many more. Ron speaks on the changing digital ecosystem and how marketing really hasn’t changed. He also draws from his personal experiences from Tim Hortons and DQ on how to build a lasting relationship and brand commitment with your customers.

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