Tetiana BasnarovaSenior Adviser to the President

    Tetiana Basnarova is a successful professional with more than 10 years of experience in management and law. In her home country, Tetiana was chief of staff at the court of the first instance, where she was primarily focused on building a court management system, and organizational support for judges, oversight of court administrative operations, appointment and management of more than a hundred court staff. Tetiana also developed strategic plans to ensure the effectiveness and productivity of all the court functions and coordinated of the appropriate operating of the judicial computer system (software) and databases.

    Tetiana has diverse experiences in the legal field, having previously practiced in family law, immigration law, property law, wills, trust, and probate law in Ukraine. She is an efficient problem solver who is not afraid to take on a project that may seem challenging. She makes it her mission to offer help and support to clients by correctly understanding and evaluating a complex situation and developing effective strategies to reach desired results.

    During her career, Tetiana has been recognized with several awards. She actively supports and participates in the work of various organizations committed to the empowerment of women and gender equality, as well as a wide variety of community services organizations.

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