The Online MBA

In Partnership with DÜCERE, the online MBA programme provides professionals with the skills and understanding required to excel as strategic and operational managers in the modern business [...]

The Executive MBA

In Partnership with DÜCERE, the Executive MBA is designed for senior managers, who aim to innovate, disrupt and challenge the status quo. Not for the feint-hearted, candidates collaborate with [...]


Entrepreneurship is a mindset rather than a business discipline. The aim of this course is to help professionals to crystalize their business ideas and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed [...]

Sales Certification

In today’s marketplace where every business is looking for a larger market share, and in an economy where the customer is disputed by global competitors through the Internet, a fundamental [...]

Marketing Analytics

In an era dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, marketing analytics increasingly plays a fundamental role in the business decision-making process, where marketing analytics [...]

Consumer Behaviour

This course aims to help marketers develop an understanding of the influence consumer behavior has on marketing activities. The course discusses the psychological, social, and cultural concepts [...]

Global Marketing

This course builds on the skills and knowledge gained in the Principles of Marketing course and initially reviews the concepts of marketing as they pertain to the Canadian market. These concepts [...]

Principles of Marketing

This course provides an overview of all aspects of marketing as practiced by Canadian organizations. You will be invited examine product, price, promotion and distribution frameworks as separate [...]

Marketing Strategy

Since marketing strategy is the long-term direction of an organization, this course takes a broad approach to strategy, considering both the economics of strategy and the customer side of [...]

Marketing Ethics

This course aims to provide marketer with a basic understanding of the issues involved in ensuring ethical marketing and decision-making. The focus of the course is understanding the ethical [...]